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Shiun-zan / Nenbutsu-ji Temple

Tendai sect of Buddhism. After her husband died, Myotoku returned to her birthplace, Yamanouchi, and passed her days praying for the welfare of her son. At that time, women were not permitted to enter the sacred Mt. Hiei and Enrtaku-ji Temple. Despite being mother of the temple's founder, Myotoku was therefore unable to visit Saicho, It is said Saicho himself carved an image of the Jibo Kannon deity and sent it to his mother. Myotoku then spent her remaining days praying to the deity.

Myotoku died in May 817, at the age of 71. At Enryaku-ji Temple, Saicho paid his respects to his deceased mother in a memorial service conducted with 100 priests.

[ Amida Nyorai ]

Seeking to ensure rest for his mother's soul, Saicho later nomed this area Hiei-Yamanouchi and built a subordinate temple here, dedicating a statue of Amida Nyorai as Nenbutsu -ji Temple.The cast-metal Amida Nyorai image is usually hidden from public view. An old stone memorial dedicated to Myotoku's family still stands inthe temple precincts.

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Shiun-zan Nenbutsu-ji

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